Talking Tools – Pepe Disk Cutters

Mystical Mythical Metalwork

My Pepe Disk Cutter

What a time saver this tool is! Plus, for accuracy when cutting circles, it cannot be beat.

Once again, I’m turning the spotlight on one of my favorite tool manufacturers, Pepe.  Their quality is excellent.

When I took my first metalsmithing workshop from Lexi, one of the many things she taught us how to make was a simple pair of earrings that started out as circles.  There are times when her teaching style is pure genius, because from that initial task, we learned how to draw out a pattern (the circle from a template), follow the line with the saw blade, replace many a broken saw blade and oh yes, actually learn how to saw metal.  The one thing she didn’t tell us, was there was this handy little device that would cut circles in seconds with the use of a steady hammer!  First…

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